Western Mariner Book Review

For The History of the RCMP Marine Services Book

A fantastic album filled with historic photos of RCMP vessels, dating from the force’s beginnings to the turn of the twenty-first century. There is solid information on the Marine Section throughout the pages, but the outstanding feature of this book is the visual record of the wide variety of craft the RCMP has used over the years. Editor and layout designer, Peter Vassilopoulos, has done an excellent job of sectioning the book and giving each boat photo adequate space while using spare text to give meaning and context to the vessels. The book closes with a through account of the NADON / ST ROCH II Voyage of Rediscovery in 2000 that saw the modern day aluminum catamaran patrol vessel NADON retrace the ST ROCH’s record-setting transits of the Northwest Passage 1940-42 and 1944 and first ever circumnavigation of North America completed in 1950. The unusually broad range of vessels in this book spans everything from canoes and rumrunners (confiscated, of course), to decommissioned navy vessels (following WWII) and the purpose-built vessels of today, and will appeal to those interested in the RCMP Marine Section and its allied Canadian police and military forces, as well as to those interested in historic Canadian ships and boats. Royalties from the book are donated by the estate of the author, at his request, to the RCMP Foundation to support the voluntary efforts of RCMP members across Canada to develop local community programs in support of child safety, drug awareness, crime prevention, literacy, internet safety, anti-bullying, victim assistance programs and many other initiatives.