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Escorted St Roch II on Icebreaker Simon Fraser

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I am a former member of the B.C. RCMP Marine Services and have waited a very long time for someone to write the history of the RCMP Marine Services. I also served as 2nd officer (volunteer) on the Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker ‘Simon Fraser’ escorting the RCMP Patrol Vessel ‘Nadon’ during the voyage of the RCMP St. Rock “Voyage of Rediscovery”. The ‘Simon Fraser’ was fully manned with a complement of volunteers who served as Master, Officers and Crew. Our 2nd engineer on the icebreaker was a former crew member of the original RCMP Vessel ST. ROCH. He was familiar with many of the western arctic settlements. The ‘Simon Fraser’ was originally built & commissioned at Burrard Shipyard, North Vancouver. The vessel served as a lighthouse and buoy tender on the West Coast including re-supply work in the Western Arctic. Later she was transferred to the East Coast. Capt. John (Jack) Bragg (Rtd).

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My husband and I own the “Battleford”. I am also in contact with the owner of the “Slideout”. We are searching for pictures and history. The vessels are in Cowichan Valley. It (Battleford) was previously in Ladysmith where she was docked for three years. We hauled her to our house, serviced the engines and gave her a bottom paint. Doing some research I found the Slideout was in nearby Maple Bay. We made contact and the owner came out to watch us launch Battleford last week. The Battleford is at Cherry Point marina. The Slideout is on a private dock across from the gas dock at Maple Bay. I find it weird they were so close for so long and never knew the other existed! Submitted By: Linda McCulloch