New Book Launch

The latest work from Peter Vassilopoulos, Cruising the Inside Passage, is a memoir of many years on the coast. Illustrations in this coffee table book will show friends why you go boating and serve as a memento to your own coastal travels. It is designed to appeal to boaters as well as ferry and cruise ship travellers. The illustrations will recount places you have been or places you would like to see on your next trip. It is an ideal gift for would be travellers of the inside passage of Washington State, British Columbia and Alaska. And it should appeal to those intent on seeing the coast by boat, by ferry or by cruise ship.

Cruising the Inside Passage

An illustrated coffee table book for travellers by boat, ferry and cruise ship

There is a new book due for release before Christmas 2015. It is an illustrated coffee table book based on travelling by boat, ferry and cruise ship through the Inside Passage of the Pacific Northwest. It begins with a look at scenes in Puget Sound, including places of interest for all travellers. It continues with scenic views and anchorages in the San Juan Islands followed by an exploration of the Gulf Islands, the Sunshine Coast and Desolation Sound then on to the Broughton Islands and the north end of Vancouver Island. The book follows the Inside Passage through Fitz Hugh Sound, the old mill town of Ocean Falls and on through Prince Rupert to Southeast Alaska. The final section of the book covers Ketchikan, Wrangell, Sitka and Juneau and winds up in Skagway with aerial photos of Glacier Bay. It includes a look at some attractions that draw thousands of tourists to the area by cruise ship every year. The book ends with a bonus look at some of the destinations beyond Skagway with illustrations taking the reader on a vicarious trip that includes a look at Dawson City in the Yukon.

Updated Gulf Islands eBook Released

Many New Photos and Aerials Added

We have just released a new eBook version of our Gulf Islands Cruising Guide with many new photos and aerials added. There are always changes to telephone numbers and contacts for the various places we mention in our books and we do our best to keep them updated. From time to time we also receive updates from our many boating friends out there and for that we are very grateful. To get the latest eBook, you can find it in the book store here on our site. We also offer the 2014 Hard Copy version and if you decide to purchase the hard copy, send us a note and we’ll send you the eBook at no extra charge.