Western Mariner Book Review

For The History of the RCMP Marine Services Book

A fantastic album filled with historic photos of RCMP vessels, dating from the force’s beginnings to the turn of the twenty-first century. There is solid information on the Marine Section throughout the pages, but the outstanding feature of this book is the visual record of the wide variety of craft the RCMP has used over the years. Editor and layout designer, Peter Vassilopoulos, has done an excellent job of sectioning the book and giving each boat photo adequate space while using spare text to give meaning and context to the vessels. The book closes with a through account of the NADON / ST ROCH II Voyage of Rediscovery in 2000 that saw the modern day aluminum catamaran patrol vessel NADON retrace the ST ROCH’s record-setting transits of the Northwest Passage 1940-42 and 1944 and first ever circumnavigation of North America completed in 1950. The unusually broad range of vessels in this book spans everything from canoes and rumrunners (confiscated, of course), to decommissioned navy vessels (following WWII) and the purpose-built vessels of today, and will appeal to those interested in the RCMP Marine Section and its allied Canadian police and military forces, as well as to those interested in historic Canadian ships and boats. Royalties from the book are donated by the estate of the author, at his request, to the RCMP Foundation to support the voluntary efforts of RCMP members across Canada to develop local community programs in support of child safety, drug awareness, crime prevention, literacy, internet safety, anti-bullying, victim assistance programs and many other initiatives.

New Anchorages Available

Updated and Expanded New Edition!

Anchorages 2013 cover

The latest edition of Anchorages and Marine Parks offers an additional section on Haida Gwaii as well as many new and updated photographs and details about parks and anchorages. The book is now available. Look for it at the Seattle Boat Show and at the Vancouver Boat Show. This book is now available as an eBook. Click on ‘Our Books’ and add it to the cart to check out the eBook. Get the eBook!

Useful Book

Guide ANCHORAGES is helpful

56b Wallace anchs 52

We have been sailing our 36 ft Catalina in the San Juan Is, Canadian Gulf Island for 25 years and just returned from a month in Desolation Sound BC. We have used numerous books and charts and wanted to get a better guide. I found “Anchorages and Marine Parks” to be the best on board. The pictures, chart numbers, waypoints and the small and large area charts were extremely helpful. The books format almost gives the skipper a 3 dimensional perspective of passages and harbors. The information and the way the book flowed and the details that were provided de-stressed our journey and gave us more confidence in our passages to new and old locations. The added bonus was to meet the author and his wife on a trail on Wallace Island August 2012. Mark & Claudia Cerenzie Acquisition III

Salutation to Author

Spears' Review in Praise of Book

kens last post024 - Copy

As a family member of the author of the new book The History of the RCMP Marine Services, I am very pleased and proud of Kenn’s work and dedication on the project. Joe Spears’ review of the book in BC Shipping News magazine has done great justice to Kenn’s work. The photograph that was included with the review of Kenn in his Zodiac shows the real Kenn and that smile of his was ever present whenever he spoke of the RCMP, the Marine Services and also of his Captain and long time friend, Inspector Ken Burton. —Keith Griffith.

St Roch Legacy

A letter from a former RCMP Officer

St Roch knife235

I have a copy of the recently published book The History of the RCMP Marine Services. You may be interested to know that I made a knife from wood (the handle) recovered from timbers that were removed for replacement, from the St Roch. I made it for the RCMP Heritage Museum. The St Roch was brought to Vancouver for a refit in the mid 1950s. It was at this time that the timbers were removed and found to be good quality teak. One of the work crew salvaged the teak and gave it to retired member, Fred Bodnaruk, of North Vancouver who used it for the making of several violins, one of which he presented to the museum. It was Fred who gave me the piece from which I made the knife handle as well as a presentation case for the knife. The blade has an etching of the St Roch, which was done by one Eugene Schreiner of Saskatoon. —Tony Wachowicz RCMP (retired).

RCMP Book Presented on Global News

Ken Burton Presents the New Book, "The History of the RCMP Marine Services"

Former Mountie Appreciates Book

Escorted St Roch II on Icebreaker Simon Fraser

nadon and simon fraser vancouver 2000_2

I am a former member of the B.C. RCMP Marine Services and have waited a very long time for someone to write the history of the RCMP Marine Services. I also served as 2nd officer (volunteer) on the Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker ‘Simon Fraser’ escorting the RCMP Patrol Vessel ‘Nadon’ during the voyage of the RCMP St. Rock “Voyage of Rediscovery”. The ‘Simon Fraser’ was fully manned with a complement of volunteers who served as Master, Officers and Crew. Our 2nd engineer on the icebreaker was a former crew member of the original RCMP Vessel ST. ROCH. He was familiar with many of the western arctic settlements. The ‘Simon Fraser’ was originally built & commissioned at Burrard Shipyard, North Vancouver. The vessel served as a lighthouse and buoy tender on the West Coast including re-supply work in the Western Arctic. Later she was transferred to the East Coast. Capt. John (Jack) Bragg (Rtd).

Book Presentation to Prince Charles & Camilla

During their Royal Visit to Toronto in May


During their Royal visit to Toronto in May, Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, were presented with a copy of the recently published History of the RCMP Marine Services, by Commanding Officer “O” Division Assistant Commissioner Stephen White. The visit was part of the celebrations of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.  

The History of the RCMP Marine Services

Just released from Pacific Marine Publishing


The History of the RCMP Marine Services, is available at The Mountie Store, marine stores and book stores. For convenience of those unable to easily get to one of these outlets the book may be purchased through The Bookshelf on this site. This book has been published in Canada by Pacific Marine Publishing. It contains histories of the various marine divisions and services and is heavily illustrated with photographs of the vessels that served in them. It includes information about uniforms and ranks. A feature of the book is an account of the Voyage of Rediscovery in the year 2000 when the patrol vessel St Roch II (PV Nadon) circumnavigated North America. Pacific Marine’s popular titles encompass a series of cruising guides for recreational boaters on the west coast. They offer information and advice on places to anchor, marinas and services and on waterways and routes to get to popular destinations. All of Pacific Marine’s books are heavily illustrated. The marine guides include numerous aerial views of the coast.