New CLI Patrol Boat In Service

Performs Rescue Just 2 Hours After Delivery

A new Tyne Class Search and Rescue vessel is now in operation on the Fraser River. It arrived from Britain by freighter and within 2 hours of being off-loaded, conducted its first rescue call. CLI Captain, John Horton, who knows the river and its waterways very well, said a small boat required assistance as it was anchored in the shallows of the river after having engine trouble. With the CLI’s vessel’s shallow draft, it was easily able to access the boat and tow it to Steveston Harbour. The new Search and Rescue craft, named Fraser Lifeboat, is powered by twin diesel engines and has self-righting capabilities. The boat will be used extensively on the river and beyond for patrol during fishery openings and search and rescue missions.

St Roch Legacy

A letter from a former RCMP Officer

St Roch knife235

I have a copy of the recently published book The History of the RCMP Marine Services. You may be interested to know that I made a knife from wood (the handle) recovered from timbers that were removed for replacement, from the St Roch. I made it for the RCMP Heritage Museum. The St Roch was brought to Vancouver for a refit in the mid 1950s. It was at this time that the timbers were removed and found to be good quality teak. One of the work crew salvaged the teak and gave it to retired member, Fred Bodnaruk, of North Vancouver who used it for the making of several violins, one of which he presented to the museum. It was Fred who gave me the piece from which I made the knife handle as well as a presentation case for the knife. The blade has an etching of the St Roch, which was done by one Eugene Schreiner of Saskatoon. —Tony Wachowicz RCMP (retired).

Former RCMP Vessels Turn Up

Now in Recreational Use

Battleford photo[9]

My husband and I own the “Battleford”. I am also in contact with the owner of the “Slideout”. We are searching for pictures and history. The vessels are in Cowichan Valley. It (Battleford) was previously in Ladysmith where she was docked for three years. We hauled her to our house, serviced the engines and gave her a bottom paint. Doing some research I found the Slideout was in nearby Maple Bay. We made contact and the owner came out to watch us launch Battleford last week. The Battleford is at Cherry Point marina. The Slideout is on a private dock across from the gas dock at Maple Bay. I find it weird they were so close for so long and never knew the other existed! Submitted By: Linda McCulloch