The History of the RCMP Marine Services

A vast selection of historic vessels with hundreds of photos and background chapters on the services of the RCMP and their vessels, ranks, dress and their role in the war years. Included is the St Roch II Voyage of Rediscovery in 2000.



"Peter and Carla sketching, photographing, and making notes of the area. Coastal cruising has become their passion. The information they gather and prepare is timely and accurate. Peter has an uncanny ability to answer the questions we as mariners want to know."

- Kenneth K. Burton, Captain RCMP Patrol Vessel Nadon

This richly illustrated coffee-table book is a comprehensive view of RCMP and Northwest Mounted Police marine services in Canada. It describes the histories of the various services over the ages since the inception of the NWMP and RCMP and is illustrated with hundreds of historic and current photographs of the vessels used by the RCMP. The author, Kenneth John Haycock, who passed away in 2009 after a battle with cancer, had served with the newly organized RCMP Marine Services in Nanaimo on the west coast. He was one of those who accompanied the St Roch II on its Voyage of Rediscovery in the year 2000. The book includes a section on that memorable trip through the Arctic and around North America.

Book Type:Paperback
Author Name:Kenneth John Haycock
Publisher:Pacific Marine Publishing
Published Date:June 2012
Dimensions:9 x 12 x 1 Inches
Weight:4 lbs
Number of Pages:340