A memoir of many years on the coast. Illustrations in this coffee table book will show friends why you go boating and serve as a memento to your own coastal travels. For boaters as well as ferry and cruise ship travellers.

Cruising The Inside Passage: Puget Sound to Alaska

Illustrations in this coffee table book will serve as a memento to your coastal travels. They recount places you have been or places you would like to see on your next trip. It is an ideal gift for those who wonder why you go boating.



"People aboard their own vessels as well as staff on the coastal ferries have had a chance to preview the work. The common response is “How soon can we get the book?"

- Roger McAfee

A departure from his well-known series of cruising guides, this new book by Peter Vassilopoulos is focussed on scenic places along the coast from Puget Sound to Alaska. It includes comments by way of photo captions as to where the scene is and some background to the places shown. Some historic and factual notes are included and they are presented in such a way so as to not detract from the unspoken thousands of words portrayed by the photographs. As a bonus the author continues overland to parts of the Yukon and Alaska ending with a visit to Dawson City.

I’ve lived in British Columbia for many years and visited numerous locations on our coast including the inside passage, however this book reminds me there is much, much, more to see. No doubt many of my friends and relatives also have never had the opportunity to view it in all its grandeur. Your book makes me realize that I need to spend more time as a tourist whether it be by ferry, cruise ship to Alaska, or the generosity of my boating friends. Since many of the islands, inlets and marinas can be reached by road the opportunity for road trips and camping is very tempting. Your photographs bring to life the very scenic marine aspects of our province. Sadly I will never see it all to the extent you very obviously have, however the beautiful illustrations will provide a valuable and long lasting experience.

– Dave Hobson

Book Type:Paperback
Author Name:Peter Vassilopoulos
Author Website:http://marineguides.com
Publisher:Pacific Marine Publishing
Published Date:Dec 2015
Number of Pages:272
ISBN:978-0-919317-50 5